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ECC's Model for Student Success

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ECC is committed to helping its students be more successful.
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Student Success Data & Research

Data and research inform our progress in meeting institutional goals for student success.  Data analysis and discussion center on student academic performance, student engagement and satisfaction, course and program completion, and job placement – all of which, in turn, help to ensure that our academic and career-technical programs are of the highest quality possible.

Piece of the PIE

In an attempt to improve intra-campus communication about what the IR office does and the services we offer to the broader ECC community, we publish the department’s monthly newsletter, the Piece of the PIE, highlighting a research project that we thought others may find interesting. These abstracts are intentionally only one page long so as to provide a brief introduction or to just highlight the main findings of a research project or survey that our office has recently worked on.

Data Briefs

Data briefs summarize the quantitative and qualitative research findings conducted as part of the initial Achieving the Dream data analysis in 2009 to identify priority areas of focus. Different data resources are currently available to provide this type of information.

Other Key Resources

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