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Spartan Alert
Associate Dean of Student Success & ADA Coordinator
Bldg B, Room B105.11, ECC Campus

Spartan Alert

What is Spartan Alert?

Spartan Alert is the new name for ECC’s early alert system which is designed to promote retention and student success. Students who are experiencing difficulty early in the semester can benefit from this early intervention.

The Spartan Alert program is a team effort by faculty, administrators, and support staff to increase student retention, success, and completion rates. The early alert system is most effective when a referral is submitted within the first three to four weeks of the semester.

  • Identifying underlying issues that prevent student success.
  • Connecting students to resources that promote self-awareness, accountability, and academic achievement.

Questions? Contact the Associate Dean of Student Success & ADA Coordinator, at 847-214-7220 or

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