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File Access - Office (Windows XP)

We use a technology called WebDAV to allow faculty and staff to connect to our file server and access your office files when you're not on ECC's Office network. The instructions for connecting from Windows XP are below but you can also connect from Vista, Linux or OSX.


Security Warning!

Do not configure WebDAV on any public use computer or when logged on to a classroom computer with an anonymous login. Otherwise the next person to use the computer could potentially access your files!

  • If you are on campus in a classroom or lab, make sure you have logged into Windows using your Student Computer Account before following the steps below. Your Student Computer Account has the same User ID and password as your accessECC account.
  • If you are unsure whether you are logged on with an anonymous account or not, log off of Windows and log back in with your personal Windows account before proceeding.
  • Delete all of your links from the 'My Network Places' folder and log off.

Setup Instructions

  1. Double-click on the "My Network Places"  icon on the desktop or on the Start Menu.

    Step #1


  2. Select "Add a network place".

    Step #2


  3. Select "Choose another network location" and click 'Next'.

    Step #3


  4. Enter the "URL address" (below) you wish to connect to and click 'Next'.
    • (My Documents)
    • (Q:\Drive)


    Step #4


  5. Enter your Office User ID and password.

    Step #5
    Note: File Access login requires the same User ID and password as your
    Windows (work) login.


  6. Rename this connection or use the default name and click 'Next'.

    Step #6


  7. You can now access your office files by clicking on the named link from your "My Network Places".

    Step #7


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