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Financial Aid Forms

Forms must be completed and signed in black or blue ink.


Note: If you need a form for the 2018 Spring semester please stop by the Financial Aid Office.

Consortium Agreement

Student must complete if they are attending ECC and another school during the same semester and wish to receive their financial aid at ECC. Download form

Financial Aid Checklist

Helps students through the financial aid process. Download form

Financial Aid Eligible Programs

Students must fill out this form if changing program of study and wish to receive financial aid; program must be listed on this form to receive aid. Download form

Institutional Aid Application

All students must complete this form after completing the FAFSA online in order for ECC to award financial aid. Download form

IRA/Pension Rollover Verification

Students or parent of dependent student must fill out this form to verify untaxed IRA or pension reported on their FAFSA. Students:  Download formParents of Dependent Students:  Download form

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal

Students who do not meet Satisfactory Academic Progress must complete this form to appeal in order to receive their financial aid. Download form

Students with Children or Dependents

Students must fill out this form if they are selected for verification of the support they provide for their children or dependents that are listed on their FAFSA. Download form

Verification Worksheet

Students who are selected by the Department of Education for verification of information on their FAFSAs must complete this form. Dependent students: Download form | Independent students: Download form

Verification of Non-Tax Filing Status

Independent students and parents of dependent students that did not file a 2016 IRS income tax return are required to obtain a “Verification of Nonfiling” letter from the IRS. Download letter from

Veterans Certification & Checklist

New veterans must complete this form to be certified for veteran’s financial aid. Download form

Scholarship & Waiver Activation

Students who receive private scholarships or waivers for a free ECC class must complete this form. Download form

Note: If you need a form or worksheet that is not available online, please contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office.

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