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Ten Reasons to Attend ECC

  1. Occupational skills that employers want and you need for quick entry into the job market. More»
  2. The academic and social benefits of a major college plus the small class size, personal attention and friendliness usually associated with a private college. More»
  3. Knowledgeable, credentialed faculty who teach and dedicated staff who service and support your education. More»
  4. A picturesque, modern and safe campus that’s close to home. More»
  5. Affordable tuition that is one-third the cost of a four-year public university and a fraction of charges at private universities. More»
  6. Student financial aid, grants, sponsorships, and scholarships totaling $7.5 million per year. More»
  7. Degrees that transfer seamlessly to virtually all U.S. colleges or universities. More»
  8. Partnerships with a number of colleges and universities to provide greater and more immediate access to upper-level, baccalaureate degrees. More»
  9. Testing, guidance and advice for undecided students. More»
  10. Honors classes, study trips abroad, writers center, involvement opportunities and other amenities to build an impressive resume of accomplishment, initiative and team-building. More»
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