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Gainful Employment

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Measure the value of a program by linking student loan debt burden with graduates’ average income.
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High School Students - Apply

Students who are currently attending high school have many options for getting a jump-start on their college education. Decide which option is best for you and then follow the steps outlined here to begin! You must have permission in the form of a letter/document from the school prior to enrolling at ECC during the regular school year.

Attention: ACT Prep courses are available at ECC. Find out more»

Enroll in a Program

You can earn college credit before you graduate from high school. ECC works through participating local school districts to offer programs to in-district high school students.

Take ECC Classes On Your Own

Current secondary and/or home-schooled students who are college-ready may gain early access to higher education. College readiness is defined as demonstrating the ability to complete college-level work through ACT/SAT scores or the college’s placement tests.  These students must follow the Secondary/Home-School Student Admission procedure to enroll in college-level classes. Decisions for student admission and enrollment are made on a case-by-case basis. Students should discuss their interest in attending ECC with their high school counselor and parent(s) prior to beginning the application process as their approval is required. Secondary and home-schooled students will be limited to registering for a maximum of six credit hours per semester. More»

If taking a noncredit class, simply register for the class of your choice and pay for it. Register/pay for noncredit classes»

Note: Students who are enrolling in dual credit courses organized by agreements between school districts and ECC (i.e., Tech Prep/Dual Credit and Middle College), grant-funded programs such as Upward Bound, or students enrolling in performing arts courses or ensembles are exempt from the secondary/home-school admission requirements as these admission are handled separately.

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